Overclocking is a process that allows you to adjust your computer’s operating speed to a faster rate. You might use this process to increase the processing time of your computer and save the cost of buying a new device with a faster original operation speed.


No Time Wasted

Item Cleaning

Shipping & Handling

No Hidden Costs


What’s included in our package

Your personal details will never be shared or posted on the internet. We will list your item with our name and all the contact details will redirect to us so no-one will ever know that you are selling an item .

We know for a fact that time is money, so stop wasting your time answering calls for different items that you’ve listed, and avoid those long negotiations over the phone with possible buyers. Let us handle everything and the only phone call you will have to answer will be the one to decide your payment method.

Don’t waste time cleaning your item, once you’ve sent us the item we will clean it, take good pictures and list it for a quick sale.

We will take care of the shipping and handling of your product. We will pack and sent via courier your product to the customer.

We will evaluate your item, discuss and agree of the selling price including our flat-rate commission.
# Service Included
1 Evaluation
2 Cleaning
3 Photo taking
4 Handling
5 Shipment
6 Payment

You want to get rid of your old items? Is your storage room full?

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