A maintenance plan for businesses or individuals so you don’t have to worry again about maintaining your equipment. We handle everything from temperatures to optimization for a flawless system.

Hardware Cleaning

System Maintenance

Visual Inspection

Drivers & Bios Updates


Operating System Updates


What’s included in our package

Hardware cleaning includes case, cpu and power supply fans cleaning which result in better airflow and temperatures.

In-depth maintenance includes temperature monitoring, new thermal paste, new thermal pads and replacement of wear-out hardware.

Visual inspection of all hardware components to prevent any possible damage.

Installation of the latest available hardware drivers and BIOS updates for your system for better compatibility and bug fixes.

Consultation for new equipment or any possible hardware upgrades that could increase the performance of your system.

Installation of the most stable operating system updates that will keep your system protected and stable.
# Service Included
1 Hardware Cleaning
2 System Maintenance
3 Visual Inspection
4 Drivers & Bios Updates
5 Consultation
6 Operating System Updates

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